Performing Myself, installation of works in various mediums, HEAD - Geneva, June 2023

Performing Myself  is an installation that combines works of several different mediums. However, two elements stand out: the wall reminiscent of a theatre set and the gargoyle-shaped fountain. In this project, Yel K. Banto explores questions of intimacy and constant performativity while playfully layering multiple semantic levels to create a complex interpretation system. 
From left to right: 

Performing myself, mdf boards, pine logs, Q3 paint, upcycled wooden beams, 
100 x 450 x 300 cm, 2023 
Doggy on all fours, blown glass by Open Glass Studio and oxidised steel, 20 x 60 x 40cm, 2023
Head over High Heels, burned pine, 120 x 30 x 30 cm, 2022
Naked corporate man with a twist, prints of digital photo montages, 18 x 24cm, 2023
Just passing by..., acrylic paint on upcycled wooden board, 80 x 100 cm, 2023
Playbow, acrylic paint on upcycled wooden board, 70 x 80 cm, 2023
There’ll soon be no saliva left to spit, glazed clay, glass, oxidised steel, water, xanthan gum, 
peristaltic pump, 25 x 35 x 35xm, 2023
Aaah in Silence, video, 1:00min, second version, 2023
Up your ass, one piece of a series of ceramics, glazed clay, 40 x 60cm, 2023
Always there, even when you don’t want it to be, leather, brass, 15 x 15 x 5cm, 2023
Remains of The Birth, fabrics sawed together, 15 x 4,5m, 2022
Fool’s era, sculpted elm wood, 13 x 5 x 120cm, 2023
Blue Velvet, video, 11:45 minutes, English, HEAD - Geneva, June 2023

Blue Velvet is a video that combines narrative writings with various edited sky shots filmed in 2020 and 2023. 

Technical needs: The video must be projected in a darkened room. Libéré.e.x.s, 15 minutes, HKB, Bern, March 2023
Depth on Fire, 15 minutes, EDHEA, Sierre/Siders, May 2023
Revenge, 20 minutes, HEAD, Geneva, May 2023

Collaboration with Seb Roussi. 
The three episodes of the performance series were shown in the context of ACT festival.

© HEAD-Genève, Raphaëlle Mueller and Teo Seven
Barking Dogs, installation of two paintings, a sprayed text and a sculpture,
HEAD - Geneva, January 2023

Just passing by..., (first painting from the left), acrylic paint on found wooden board, 80 x 100 cm, 2023 
Playbow, (second painting from the left), acrylic paint on found wooden board, 70 x 80 cm, 2023
FOOL M’4VÉ WOOF, FOOL M’4VÉ MERDYÉ, sprayed acrylic on the wall, 140 x 210 cm
Head over High Heels, sculpture, burned pine wood, 2x 120 x 30 x 11 cm, 2022
Barking Dogs, dance research in progress, 15 minutes, Art’s Birthday 2023, commissioned by RTS Culture, Contrechamps and HEAD - Geneva, Les 6 Toits, Geneva, January 2023

Barking Dogs is a creation that proposes, through a visual, sound and choreographic research, a subjective incarnation of the moment that follows the stupor in front of violence. 

Technical needs: 4 speakers, 1 sub, 1 usb audio interface with 5 analogue output jacks, 2 bitalino riot, 1 3g/4g router.
...WITH TWO "L", self-printed essay, 394 pages, 2022

...WITH TWO "L" is my Bachelor essay, in which I investigate the origin of my inability to shout, a block that I have experienced for a long time. As I try to free myself from this blockage by practising shouting in a soundproof room, I share my daily life, my concerns and the violence associated with my queer identity.
I’m a victim of this song too!, installation with two videos, collective exhibition "The Big Simili Show" curated by Tadeo Kohan & Gabrielle Boder, LiveInYourHead, Geneva, November 2022.

Material: Satin pink fabric, 4,5 x 4m, curtain rack, clip hangers, chains, flat screen, smartphone,

Aaaah in silence, 1:30 minutes
Same here!, 60 minutes

picture by © HEAD-Genève, Raphaëlle Mueller
I’m a victim of this song too!, performance, 3 min, collective exhibition "The Big Simili Show" curated by Tadeo Kohan & Gabrielle Boder, coordinated by Julie Monot, LiveInYourHead, Geneva, November 2022.

picture by © Xam Lo Presti
The Birth, installation of mixed media and live lecture, 15 minutes, La Grange, Lausanne, September 2022

This work is an outdoor narrative scenography activated by a reading performed during the festival. A pool has been dug out and old car tyres have been placed in it making it possible to walk on the water without getting wet. A curtain made of recycled fabrics sewn together was stretched behind the pool to frame the space and filter the sunlight to create rays of light visible through the smoke machine.   

Technical needs: Smoke machine, 4 led RGB lamps.
"Forbidden Fruit" is a research on the narrative that results when the white cube space ceases to be a means of exhibition, but a stage that is designed and transformed to produce stories along with the artworks. The playfulness and the possibility of failure are at the heart of our curatorial process and of the invited artists’ practices. Therefore, we embrace the idea that the artworks we decide to present are not shown in their best light and we accept not to meet the white cube expectations. 
Forbidden Fruit, one-day exhibition curated by niccolas (GR) & Yel K. Banto (CH) at PS:Communitism, Athens in June 2022

with Barbora Lepší (CZ/GR), Captain Stavros (GR), dakrya (GR), Juraj Černák (DE/SK), Markéta Skalková (CZ), Nikos Tzoufas (GR), Soni (GR), Thanos Dedes (GR)
Extract of the 16:00-minute silent video work presented in a loop at Cantina Social, Athens in July 2022 and the Literature House, Athens in July 2022.
On the left: picture of the rooftop projection at Literature House in Athens 
on the right: documentation of the process
EMPATHY is the result of a collaborative research that started in Athens in 2022 with Hannah Doepke. Through the experimentation with a semi-transparent mirror foil we found an analogue procedure that allowed us to merge our bodies into a single one live and to experiment on the influence that we had upon each other. 
Le Souper, performance, 15min, HEAD Geneva, January 2022

Material: 4 speakers,  audio interface, computer, a contact microphone, 4 jack in/xlr out cables. 

The sound produced by the high heels is recorded by the contact microphone under the table and is distorted and modified by different effects. Four speakers are placed in each corner of the room allowing the sound to move around the audience.
When The Curtain Falls The Show Does Not End, video clip, 10:44min, collective exhibition "C'era una volta la Pangea" curated by Associazione +41, Balerna, October 2021

Composition of distorted and reworked recorded sounds and IA-produced transitions.
When The Curtain Falls The Show Does Not End, sculpture, 4m x 18m x 4m, collective exhibition "C'era una volta la Pangea" currated by Associazione +41, Balerna, October 2021
Hello World!, video, 7:00min, Geneva, June 2021

Filmed by Estelle Quarinno
Wing Don't Fit In The Suitcase, Lecture of hidden poems, 20:00min, 
HEAD Geneva, June 2021
Wings don't fit in a suitcase, costume for a performance, HEAD Geneva, April 2021
January Favorites, mix of many music influences, 38:44min, February 2021
Trouble Don't Last Always, multimedia installation, HEAD Geneva, January 2021
Costume Sculptures, costumes and modelable sculptures, HEAD Genève, décembre 2020
Remains of a performance, multimedia installation, HEAD - Genève, November 2020
Leviathan, installation interactive, 400 x 1200cm, La Grange, août 2020
TUT, installation interactive 3m x 2m50 x 3m, juillet 2020
Rupture, vidéo, 2:56min, ECAL, Lausanne, mai 2020
Rupture 2, vidéo, 1:45min, ECAL, Lausanne, mai 2020
Unnamed for the Moment, projet de mémoire, 5 installations auto-interactives, ECAL, Lausanne 2020
Unnamed for the Moment, projet de mémoire, 5 installations auto-interactives, ECAL, Lausanne 2020
Fragmented Bodies, installation, 100 x 350 x 200cm, La Placette, Lausanne, Janvier 2020
Fragmented Bodies, Performance avec Emmelien Chemouny, 12:00min, La Placette, Lausanne, Janvier 2020
Performance et installation, Live par Weith, 100 x 100 x 250cm, 45:00min, Le Bourg, Lausanne, Janvier 2020
Les Amants, sculpture en résine et silicone, 3 x 20 x 20cm, ECAL, Lausanne, janvier 2020
Layers, vidéo 2:35min, ECAL, Lausanne, décembre 2019
Inflatable, Installation gonflable et performance avec Clara Delorme, 200 x 2250 x 200cm, 15:00min, vidéo filmée à l'iPhone 6, Centre Culturel des Amériques Latines, Lausanne, novembre 2019
Performance en collaboration avec Tiago Gigon, 10:00min, Fesse-tival, Genève, septembre 2019
Chronomorphique, series of sculptures, unannounced performances and a video that was shown on a TV screen in the flat. Lausanne, septembre 2019

The installation took place in a big-scale project called Trace de Passages. The ephemeral collective composed of very diversified profiles intervened in an old building that was doomed to demolition. During three months, each contributor invested a flat that was assigned to them.

1. Sculptures made of found objects, panties and polyurethane foam 

2. Video, 5.15min, with Clara Delorme
TOTEM, installation, 0,5 x 0,5 x 4m, Electrosanne, ARSENIC, Lausanne, septembre 2019
COCOON, performance, 4:00min, Théâtre de Beaulieu, Lausanne, Juillet 2019
COCOON, installation et performance pour le prix d'art visuel vaudois, 8 x 4 x 2m, 120:00min, Gymnase Auguste Piccard & Gymnase Chamblandes, Juin 2019
Performances avec le Collectif QULT pour les soirées queer Club Sandwich au Romandie à Lausanne
Bags design: Karim Akel.
Pictures: Karim Akel, 2019
Prints: Yel K. Banto
Time Research, performance en 3 actes en collaboration avec Stéphane Nabil et Dona Cetoute, 60:00min, Bleu Lézard, Lausanne, mai 2019
, impressions sur bâche micro-perforées, 100 x 150cm, Théâtre Sévelin 36, Lausanne, Mars 2019
Distortion 1, flexible format performance, modified self-portraits printed on plastic and projected with an overhead projector, analogue VJ by Asia Calabro and Nine Sager. Gymnase Auguste Piccard, Lausanne, janvier 2019
Autoportraits, Impression sur papier format international, décembre 2018
Linea Corporis, installation en collaboration avec Maelle Amiet, 100 x 100 x 230cm, Vevey, décembre 2018
Tryptique, performance en 3 actes, 15:00min, Quartier privé du Flon, Lausanne, novembre 2018
Introspection, installation, 200 x 300 x 200cm, Espace Dem'art, Lausanne, novembre 2018
Les Dysmorphiques, installation, 400 x 2000 x 200cm, La Ligne Bleue, Lausanne, septembre 2018
/haʊt/, Installation, 200 x 200 x 300cm, Animai Festival, Vevey, mai 2017
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